• ? Will the future car factory adopt auto oil and gas bumpers?
    This depends on what kind of thinking mode the car factory uses. If the consumer's life is considered, the car factory will definitely adopt it. However, if the car components are sold, the intention of the car manufacturer is not very high. The reason is very simple. If the vehicle is equipped with an oil and gas bumper, in the event of a car accident, the components of the vehicle will be greatly reduced, which has no incentive for the car manufacturer. But safety is the trend. Every consumer attaches great importance to their own lives. The car factory is negligent and safe, just waiting to shut down the factory.
  • ? Is armored vehicle safe?
    In the automotive industry, the average person thinks that the armored car is very safe, because its body plate is hard and thick. If it collides with a general vehicle, it must be unharmed. However, if it hits a concrete pier, the consequences will be very miserable, because both are very solid objects, and hard-impact things will inevitably produce a strong anti-shock force, so if you are sitting inside, if there is a tie, it is safe. If you bring it, it will cause cervical spine fracture and visceral bleeding (internal injury). If you don't have a seat belt, the bottom is bound to break your foot (trauma). So no car in the world is safe. Only continuously improve vehicle safety and reduce the risk of personal injury.
  • ? Why do passengers sitting in the plane when the plane is landing do not feel violently shaken and injured?
    Many people have experience in flying, but may not know that the aircraft has a mechanism that can absorb the strong vibration of the aircraft when it is landing. This system is a combination of very tight oil pressure and air pressure characteristics, such as the current Boeing B- The 747 and the Airbus A-380 are mostly designed and manufactured using this concept.
    Some of the oil and gas bumpers have the same concept as the aircraft's shock absorbing pillars, but when the aircraft is landing, it is almost vertical and iterative until the earthquake completely disappears. The vehicle impact is horizontal, so the car's oil and gas bumper must overcome the problem of amplitude and frequency. "The amplitude must be small and the frequency must be small" because it directly affects vehicle integrity and personnel injury. Fortunately, after years of research and development and improvement, in terms of safety, automotive oil and gas bumpers can be boldly said: no matter which brand of car you are, as long as you install this system, your car can definitely be more than Europe, the United States Japan's vehicles are safer.
  • ? When the impact occurs, the oil and gas bumper has a liquid outflow, is it a normal phenomenon?
    As long as an impact occurs, the system oil will usually overflow through the pressure relief valve, which is a pressure discharge behavior. This is normal and need not be worried.
  • ? In the past, was there a car accident caused by the installation of an oil and gas bumper? What happened?
    This is a problem that many consumers will care about. We can say that it is a common old buying behavior. Everyone wants to decide whether to buy goods from the experience of previous consumers. This logical thinking is correct, but it is not suitable for every commodity, especially about life safety. product. We attach great importance to it, first, corporate responsibility, and second, product credibility.
    For the above questions, suppose my answer is: Some consumers are injured because they have installed oil and gas bumpers. Other consumers will definitely not buy. If I say that there is no injury, consumers’ willingness to purchase will inevitably increase. It must be taken into account that the structure of the car body produced by each depot is different and the age of the car is different. The situation of another car accident is not the same. However, we will never use the owner as the object of hidden testing. Our initial research engine is to give consumers full safety assurance, to eliminate the lack of auxiliary airbags and to exceed the safety standards of auxiliary airbags. The oil and gas bumper is tested by human beings (well from 1988 to the present) rather than dolls ( dummy).
    In the past 30 years, we have quietly engaged in the research and development of passive safety of automobiles. For the credibility, we sent the products to the vehicle testing center for impact testing. During this period, almost all the efforts can be said to be failure, only at the last time. The test finally found the key points. The data shows that both the amplitude and the frequency of the comparison with the foreign data are relatively low, which proves that our products are superior to the professional reports of foreign automakers. After the above detailed explanation, what kind of products do you trust and accept?