• ? When the car is almost completely destroyed by the collision, the headless minibus, bus, medium card, and big card have the same situation. How do you survive?
    We don't think that the front of the car must be smashed, it is safe. The common concept now is to absorb the impact force by the metal collapsed structure of the front, so the damage of the front is taken for granted, but is there a better alternative (if the oil and gas bumper is used, will the effect be better?), The same impact conditions, but the front of the car damage is only half of the original, or even one-third, for the occupants of the car, the chance of survival will be increased by more than 80%, this is not life-saving and save money, the best of both worlds Method?
  • ? We look at the impact test film, why the front of the human body is very large, the latter is very small, why is it so different?
    The 1992 crash test film that you saw was the first generation of the product developed by the R&D. We can see very clearly that the shock caused by the impact is very large. Observe the parts from the film and understand The test is not falsified. First of all, it can be synchronized with the mirror and the peace sign. The muscles on the face are twisted, the fine hair is rolled up, and the seat belt is completely ineffective at the time, but the face of the person. Did not hit the steering wheel, butt did not leave the seat, although the amplitude is very large, but the car body structure is complete (can also travel the road), the spine is harmless (there is a total X-ray report, it proves to be good). The 2007 crash test film was the eighth generation of public impact test on the media. The shock amplitude of the personnel was also reduced. After the impact, the structure of the car body and the exterior were free of deformation. The door was easy to open, which proved that the system was improved. After that, the shock absorption performance is better and the rebound is lower. Is life more secure for consumers?
  • ? The M-type society has come, how to carefully calculate and not endanger life safety?
    The M-type society is the trend and it is really around us. Every consumer is facing rising prices, that is, wages are not rising. Consumers need to know how to invest and create more wealth and reduce unnecessary expenses. The behavior will tend to be conservative. Take the car as an example for a new car in the past 5 years. Now it may take more than 10 years to consider buying a new car. Usually a new car is about 700,000 or more, which is a heavy burden for consumers. The burden can be saved, but the safety of the car is reduced as the age of the car increases. Consumers must know clearly that they will not lose (small life) because of small (provincial money). But how to buy a life-saving and value-protected product within a limited budget, this test the wisdom of consumers, after all, there are many products in the world that are buyable and not available. The advantages of oil and gas bumpers, we have a very detailed analysis, I believe that wise consumers will make the most valuable judgments and choices.
  • ? Unfortunately, a car accident, how to properly use the oil and gas bumper, so that the system can maximize its effectiveness?
    Let's take an example. When we fall, we will support the body with one arm or two arms. Of course, it is safer to hold the two arms together because the power can be evenly distributed on the two arms. Between our front and rear beams and the bumper, there are oil and gas bumpers. It is like our arm. When a car accident occurs, the vibration is transmitted through the system. The damage of the car body and the injury of the people will naturally A lot less.
  • ? Is the car ruined, or is the car safe?
    In the 1970s, vehicles in the event of a car accident (medium and high-speed impact) were almost all car crashes, and there was little chance of survival. Recently, the car factory has continuously researched and improved the car body structure, and put forward a very important appeal in safety. It is the broken car body plus the auxiliary air bag, mainly using the car body structure to absorb the collision force, although the car body must pay half-destruction. The cost of total destruction, but the casualties of personnel have also been reduced a lot, this is the current concept of car manufacturers educating consumers to destroy people.
    Now that consumption consciousness is on the rise, many consumers will ask questions, why is it necessary to crash the car to be safe? Is there no better way to achieve the conditions of car safety?
    The oil and gas bumper is developed under the strict requirements of the safety of the car. It is completely hit by a real person, not replaced by a dummy. The impact test is about 60 kilometers per hour, and the car body is only slightly damaged. The personnel have no internal or external injuries, which proves that the oil and gas insurance rod can indeed achieve the realm of safety. However, the car factory is reluctant to accept the fact that oil and gas bumpers are used to benefit consumers. The reason is that for the car manufacturer, who is the car that has not been hit? This is an economic problem. It is not a mistake in the car factory. After all, the car factory should also consider the way of survival. Unless the car manufacturer’s thinking changes completely, the whole society and the insurance company are victims, because the insurance company must bear more unnecessary. Claims.