• ? Is the auxiliary airbag for the car on the market really safe? Why are there so many injuries?
    Oil and gas bumpers and auxiliary airbags are all passive safety equipment for automobiles. However, there are many missing auxiliary airbags. Although some problems have been improved, they are all palliative, and the most important "time" cannot be overcome, which can easily cause occupant casualties.
  • ? Since the auxiliary airbag detonation time is too long, it may cause injury to the driver and the occupant. Why is it possible to combine it with the oil and gas bumper, is it not a contradiction?
    In the past, the consumer generally knew that the auxiliary airbag would cause a lot of damage, but most of them did not know why it caused serious injury. Today, Pandora, the auxiliary airbag, has been opened. It turns out that the detonation time is too long, which will cause serious harm. Please refer to the auxiliary airbag message and the answer to question 38. Although the R&D unit improves the pressure and temperature of the detonation, it is only a symptom and cannot solve the fundamental problem. If the auxiliary airbag is combined with the oil and gas bumper, the impact force is absorbed by the impact-resistant cushioning safety system, so that the seismic force is reduced, and the auxiliary airbag may not need to be opened.
  • ? If my car already has an auxiliary airbag, do I need to install an oil and gas bumper?
    They are all passive safety systems for automobiles, but they are all independent systems and are not related to each other.
    The main function of the auxiliary airbag is to protect the person. When the shock force of the impact exceeds a predetermined value, the sensor will transmit a signal to the computer, and then the computer will interpret the explosive charge of the cylinder to inflate the airbag.
    The main function of the oil and gas bumper is to protect the personnel and the vehicle together. The main appeal is that the destructive force and the seismic force of the car body are reduced when the impact occurs, and the probability of the person suffering from the burning of the car and the body body is also reduced, and the protection itself is not Injury to his car is the most active and effective safety product on the market.
    In the event of an impact, due to the shock absorption function of the oil and gas bumper, the vibration force is transmitted to the vehicle body and thus the auxiliary airbag may not be detonated. Unless the vehicle speed is more than 30 kilometers, the auxiliary airbag may be detonated.
  • ? In addition to cars, do other types of vehicles need to be equipped with oil and gas bumpers?
    As long as it is a vehicle, no matter big or small, in the event of a car accident, the casualties are very serious. Therefore, it is necessary to install an oil and gas bumper.
  • ? Is the price of oil and gas bumpers reasonable?
    Product development for 30 years, the investment of more than 60 million (estimated by the car factory R & D unit, at least more than 1 billion, not necessarily able to develop successfully), in order to ensure the highest quality of safety, important components are manufactured in high specifications, the product is Through the life test, the product is guaranteed for five years, free regular security inspection, the product use period is up to 10 years, the system provides 24 hours a minute and a second to protect the life safety of the occupants.
    There are many products in the world that are much more expensive than oil and gas bumpers, such as gold, jewelry, LV bags, or more than 200,000 Chinese clothes, the value is not good, but it only highlights identity and taste. In the event of an impact, can the precious jewelry, jewelry, and Chinese clothes on his body protect his life? There is no life to pursue the youth, beauty, family, wealth, status, everything in the world, everything is like a cloud of smoke, how can it be! Is it necessary to wait until then to get rid of the chest, but can you save everything in the past? Therefore, investing in your own life is the most secure and correct choice. Because life can create wealth and ideals can be practiced. Therefore, you are now sure to get a high degree of recognition and support from your family, friends and family.
    According to the current selling price, it is actually one-fifth cheaper than the past, but in order to consider popularization and use of the rights of passers-by, we actively reduce the price.