• ? In the event of failure of the oil and gas bumper, will it cause damage to the vehicle or personnel?
    The developer attaches great importance to this problem and does not want to repeat the mistakes of the auxiliary (assist airbag). In the tenth generation of research and development, this situation has been included in the key improvement. In the production and assembly, strict quality control has been ensured, but zero faults have been ensured, but in case Failure, no danger to people, please rest assured.
    In addition, according to the impact speed of 30 km impacting the cement pier, the oil and gas bumper is tested for damage. The purpose is to cause serious damage to the human body and the car body in case of system failure. After the impact test is completed, the tester Xiumong's total neck X-ray test proved to be normal (no injury, X-ray report is based), we have done all the harsh tests, we will not take consumers as experimental products, so please also consume Believe in our profession.
  • ? Can oil and gas bumpers withstand 100 kilometers of impact?
    According to the impact test, the system can absorb 50% of the shock, reducing the original 140kgf / cm ^ 2 to 68kgf / cm ^ 2. For example, in the case of 100 km/h, 50 km is absorbed by the system, and another 50 km can be absorbed by the system and the car body structure. It is directly absorbed by the car body 100% than the current collapsed car body, and the safety factor for the occupants and vehicles is increased by 50%.
    In the past, the tests were based on the data obtained from the performance of the oil and gas bumper. 50 km is sure to achieve safety protection, not the limit, but the efficiency will be reduced as the speed increases. However, we must consider other objective factors. For example, the strength of the car body will decrease with the age and environment, and the physiological functions of the people will be different. The elderly, children, women, and people with serious illnesses are more normal than normal. People are more likely to be injured or injured, so we can't guarantee 100%, the impact of 100 kilometers, people and vehicles will be unscathed. Just like a four-stage cancer patient, it is almost impossible to ask a doctor to heal its disease.
    According to the American Road Safety Association, a typical vehicle speed of 30km per hour can be fatal!
  • ? Many automakers now emphasize the use of the vertical and horizontal metal structures of the car body to absorb and disperse the shock. Is this method effective? What is the difference with oil and gas bumpers?
    If only the metal structure of the vehicle body is used to absorb and disperse the seismic force, the damage caused by the impact force is not necessarily beneficial to the occupant, so the protection of the seat belt is increased.

    The automobile oil and gas bumper was developed according to the Taiji principle. Many people used to fly the plane. Did the aircraft feel uncomfortable when it landed? That is because the shock absorbing strut of the aircraft uses the principle of oil pressure and air pressure to absorb most of the shock force, but the shock absorbing strut does not deform and can be reused. These are its advantages, and we dare to use real people. The car is tested for impact.

    The oil and gas bumper can reinforce the safety factor of the vehicle. When a car with this system is installed, the survival rate of the occupant will inevitably increase.
  • ? Why does a car crash test require a real-life vehicle test? Isn't this very dangerous?
    Because on the road, all the real people are driving the vehicle (have you seen the dummy driving?), but even when the foreign advanced imported car is used for the impact test, the real person only dares to test within the impact speed of 20 kilometers, but the impact speed When we used the impact test for more than 20 kilometers, we saw that the dummy test was used in the film. Why? Are you worried about the huge medical expenses incurred by the real testers and the subsequent huge medical expenses and compensation?
    We use real-life testing to prove the true protection of the patented “oil and gas bumper” to consumers.
  • ? Why doesn't the car manufacturer use a live-action combined with an auxiliary airbag for a public impact test?
    For 35 years, we have not seen any car factory filming the film about the auxiliary airbag detonation when the impact speed is 30 kilometers. In the usual car accident report, I heard the secondary injury caused by the auxiliary airbag burst, the cervical vertebra fractured and died or was injured by the auxiliary airbag spare parts. The Ministry of Communications has confirmed that the auxiliary airbag cannot pass the test, so the auxiliary airbag cannot protect the car. member.