• ? My car is a $24,000 European-style car. Is it worthwhile to install an oil and gas bumper?
    When the oil and gas bumper is impacted, it is the first priority to absorb the impact damage and reduce the deformation of the car body. The most vulnerable person in a car accident is the main cause of the car body damage caused by fire and car body injury (easy deformation - domestic car type), or severe impact caused by cervical spine injury or fracture to death (the purpose of oil and gas bumper is to improve above The lack of, so do the impact test is to test the real person instead of the dummy, the impact test went to the teaching hospital Veterans General Hospital for neck X-ray test, which proves that this system has a greater protective effect on personnel), the vehicle uses oil and gas The bumper is so low that the destructiveness of the car body is minimized, which is the advantage of the oil and gas bumper.
  • ? I am a US-standard car. It is recognized as very safe. Is it necessary to install an oil and gas bumper?
    There are two main demands for global vehicle crash safety.
    First, the hard type: it is based on the thickness and hardness of the steel plate itself to enhance safety.
    Second, the soft type: is based on the thinness of the body steel plate to absorb the strong impact force.
    But the above two points have advantages and disadvantages, but the focus of the appeal is not the same.
    Oil and gas bumpers are another space for consumers to choose.
    Now let's analyze its advantages and disadvantages:
    Advantages Disadvantages:
    The hard body (European and American cars) has a hard steel plate. When the car body is hit, the car body is not easily deformed but the fuel consumption is large. When the impact occurs, the vibration force is transmitted to the occupants of the car, and the occupant is vulnerable to cervical spine injury.
    The soft (broken) body (Japanese) body steel plate is soft, when the car body is impacted, the body steel plate and plastic material absorb the shock force. When the fuel consumption is small, the car body is easily deformed and twisted, and the personnel are easily pinched and burned. There is a large repair fee.
    The oil and gas bumper adopts the principle of aircraft shock absorber pillars, which utilizes the characteristics of oil pressure and air pressure to absorb the shock force. The car body is not easy to be destroyed, and the personnel are safer. In addition to achieving safety purposes, the system is small in size and light in weight, and also achieves fuel economy. purpose.
  • ? Is the old car suitable for installing oil and gas bumpers?
    Safety can't wait: no matter how old the car is, any brand can install the oil and gas bumper at any time, because no one can guarantee that there will be no car accident during this driving period, so you don't have to wait until you buy a new car to install the oil and gas bumper. That doesn't make any sense. In the past, we have installed this system for cars that have been 12 years old.
  • ? If you have to buy auto insurance and accident insurance, why buy oil and gas bumpers?
    Life is lost, and no amount of money can make up for the pain of losing loved ones.
    Car accident claims are a kind of compensation in the event of a car accident. In theory, it is a very good system, but if a person is seriously disabled or vegetative due to a car accident, or even death, the family economy is seriously affected. This is not any insurance compensation, so there are more accident insurances. It is also impossible to exchange valuable lives. Oil and gas bumpers are active and effective protective personnel and vehicles that provide more protection. We should consider precautions rather than compensation afterwards.
  • ? The vehicle already has an active and safe electronic detection collision avoidance system. Do you need to install a passive oil and gas bumper?
    The probability of impact and impact is not covered by the electronic detection collision avoidance system.
    Because the main function of the active safety electronic detection anti-collision system is to prevent and avoid the impact, the main function of the passive safety equipment is that when the active prevention fails or cannot be avoided, it must be hit. At this time, the passive safety system only plays its role. efficacy. We all know that the aircraft is very sophisticated, and it is very good in terms of active safety, but the aircraft will also crash. The accident is nothing more than the high level of personnel loss. Another reason is that the precision equipment has its failure. At the time of emergency, only passive safety systems can be used to minimize accidental casualties.
    The active safety system, like the home electronic detection and security system, passive oil and gas bumper, is like a home door lock. The electronic detection and security system will have problems such as dead angles and faults, which will affect its effect. Therefore, no matter whether the family has a security system, if the door is out, the door lock must be locked. The main function of the active safety system is to reduce the incidence of car accidents, because the speed is too fast, the driver is negligent, tired or other factors that can not control the vehicle. At this time, the active defense system is activated, and the vehicle can be braked at a safe distance to avoid chasing. Hit the incident. Passive oil and gas bumper, the main function is to reduce the damage rate of the car accident, to reduce the damage caused by the front or rear collision of his car. Its main components are made up of oil pressure and pneumatic parts. Its role is that in the event of a collision, the passive oil and gas bumper absorbs the strong impact force instead of the vehicle body to absorb it, so the car body is not easily deformed, and the probability of personnel being caught by the fire car and being pinched by the car body is greatly reduced. It can protect people and vehicles at the same time, which is more advanced, safer and more environmentally friendly than the current auxiliary airbags. Therefore, if a car has both active and passive oil and gas bumpers, it is ideal, but the fish and bear's paw can't have both. Also consider the passive oil and gas bumper because it is the front line of defense.
    How to prevent it from hitting the car is important, but the protection is hit by the car and the damage caused by the collision is the key point, because it has a direct relationship with life.